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Founded in 1979 ELEKTROSISTEM designs, manufactures and sells electronic equipment for the drive of electric vehicles equipped with DC and AC motors. 
Thanks to a flexible structure including electronics, electrical and mechanical engineers they offer customized solutions for all kind of applications.

Most frequent applications include forklifts, pallet trucks, railway and airport tractors, sweepers and scrubbers, cranes and aerial platforms, stair lifts and mobility aids, farm tractors and golf carts but also environmentally friendly vehicles for road circulation like cars, buses, scooters and bicycles.

All products offered by Elektrosistem are entirely manufactured in house.


Elektrosistem manufactures everything necessary for an electric vehicle, from the single controller to the control panel complete with contactors, battery charger, indicator and other accessories.

The wide range of products is constantly updated according to market trends and customer needs and includes control units suitable for all types of battery operated electric motors, like permanent magnet, series excited, separately excited and asynchronous motors. All control units feature some main design specifications now considered as mandatory requirements including microprocessor control mainly necessary to customize the software for unique applications, high frequency operation, and regenerative braking offering increased motor efficiency and performance, reduced energy losses and increased battery life.

Testing is based on computer aided systems to guarantee high quality and reliability of the product at the end of each production stage.

Many accessories complete the full range of products manufactured by ELEKTROSISTEM enabling the company to supply a complete package to customers to equip their vehicles. Contactors, instrument panels, battery charge indicators, DC-DC converters, battery chargers, foot pedals, throttle handles, twist grips, flash lamps and buzzers.



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With our comprehensive range of ELEKTROSISTEM parts at competitive prices, next day delivery from our network of regional warehouses and a dedicated technical support team, we can offer you the best possible service imaginable. Whether you need ELEKTROSISTEM parts for a routine inspection or major repairs or replacements, look to TVH. You can even contact us for parts that you don’t see in our online catalogues.

Global support team
Global support team

With 62 different nationalities and 57 spoken languages in the company, we can offer customer support in your own language.

Over 50 years of experience
Over 50 years of experience

We've grown from 2 founders to a company of more than 5000 employees, with offices and distribution facilities on every continent.

44 000 000 known references
47 000 000 known references

The most extensive range of parts for material handling, industrial, construction and agricultural equipment. We continuously grow our offer, with more parts and accessories arriving every day.

95% of orders shipped the same day
95% ship the same day

We collaborate with local shipping companies to deliver every order within the promised timeframe. To ensure a fast delivery, we ship 95% of orders on the same day of ordering.

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