7 tips to work safely at altitude

Many accidents on construction sites or in companies are the result of an incorrect use of a mobile elevating work platform. A well-trained operator, following basic safety regulations, a regular inspection and maintenance of the machine can prevent a lot of accidents.

Take the following tips into account when using a mobile elevating work platform.

1. Take a suitable training course.

Before you start working with a mobile elevating work platform, it is important to take a suitable mobile elevating work platform training. Increase your safety and get to know the exact type of machine you will be using. Go over the manual of the machine thoroughly and familiarise yourself with all safety symbols.

training center

2. Observe the rules.

Read, understand and observe all safety regulations. Both the employer or employee, and the local authorities or the government can impose specific conditions. Make sure you are sufficiently informed about this.

3. Inspect the mobile elevating work platform and worksite before you start.

If you get an error message during the inspection or function tests, analyse the risk before use and - if necessary - let the part be repaired by a qualified maintenance engineer. Always perform a risk assessment of the worksite before you take the machine to the work location. E.g. make sure that there are no potholes in the surface.


4. Wear the correct fall protection equipment.

A well-fitting safety harness with fall arrest lanyard is an absolute requirement. Always secure the fall arrest lanyard to the correct anchor points on the mobile elevating work platform.

Discover our range of fall arrest equipment in our “Safety products” brochure (p 21-23) (REF 31773321).

fall protection

5. Raise the platform in the correct circumstances.

  • Only raise the platform if the mobile elevating work platform is positioned on a level surface. 
  • Never raise the platform in the vicinity of power lines.
  • Never drive a mobile elevating work platform while the basket is raised, unless the machine was designed to do so. 

6. Stay inside the platform.

Never sit, stand or climb onto the platform railing. Always keep both feet on the platform floor. Never exit a raised mobile elevating work platform basket, unless you are properly trained to do so. Never climb down from a raised platform.

7. Never exceed the stated limits.

Always observe the rated maximum weight or load limit. If you exceed these limits, you risk overturning the mobile elevating work platform.

Observe the above-mentioned tips to work safely with a mobile elevating work platform. In addition, also take into account the wind speed, which is a factor that should not be underestimated when working at altitude safely. Would you like to accurately measure the wind speed? Then definitely read this article



Karen, TVH blogger