Tail lift lights

A workplace accident is often lurking just around the corner, especially when working with tail lifts. Specialised tail lift lights are designed to keep your employees secure at all times.

At TVH, we offer a varied range of lights for tail lifts. If the tail lift is in use, the tail lift lights will flash synchronously. The tail lift lights increase safety by giving clear signs to the environment that the tail lift is in use and can be moving.

Discover our range of tail lift lights

Tail lift lights mostly come in 12V, 24V or 12/24V and are usually equiped with LED technology. All of our  tail lift lights are universal and can be installed to any tail lift with a voltage capacity of 12-24 V. Tail lift lights are heavy-duty and keep on going in all weather conditions. 

The benefits of buying tail lights at TVH

TVH is a one-stop shop. We offer an extensive range of tail lift lights. They’re all available at great prices and fast delivery is guaranteed.

Technical skills in-house

Technical skills

Customer support in 37 languages

Customer support in
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Same-day shipment,
next-day delivery

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Shop online, 24/7

We have lights compatible with all the biggest tail lift brands, such as Aht, AMA, Anteo, Atlas, Bär Cargolift, Behrens-Eurolift, Dautel, Del, Dhollandia, Erhel Hydris, Haco, Mariba, MBB Palfinger, Ratcliff, Sörensen, Zepro and more. 

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