30 promises to our customers

Because customer satisfaction is very important to us, we make you 30 promises.


  1. We have a permanent stock of > 930 000 items at our headquarters in Belgium.
  2. We offer common and less common spare parts for more than 240 forklift brands.
  3. You can expect your technical questions to be processed by product responsibles who are experts in their field.
  4. You can count on your contact person in our sales department, who is continuously backed up by the purchase department.
  5. Our technical department identifies parts for the most important machine brands.
  6. The identification of spare parts by our technical department is free of charge.
  7. You can expect us to have a technical sheet and/or picture available for 95% of all spare parts we sell at least on a daily or weekly basis.
  8. You can inquire for or order parts with various references: forklift brand, manufacturer's brand, TVH references. We possess a database containing more than 44 million references.
  9. We offer you the possibility to inquire for or order spare parts with your own references: your own number or own location.
  10. In case of a stock-out an equivalent reference is automatically offered if available.
  11. All our products come with a warranty of minimum 6 months, unless otherwise specified on our offer and order confirmation.​


  1. Every order you place, will be checked by TVH in order to detect possible irregular order lines, and to double-check them with you.
  2. If required, TVH arranges the transport of the goods to your premises. In this case the transport cost will be stated separately on your TVH invoice.
  3. By default, backorders are sent with the next shipment, but we offer you the possibility of backorder consolidation. If no new order is placed within 60 days, the backorder is sent automatically.
  4. We ship our goods in a suitable packaging.
  5. We guarantee you that express orders (max 40 order lines or 80 pieces per order) placed before the cut-off time, will be shipped the same day. Should the order not be sent for some reason, you will be notified by e-mail that same evening.
  6. Parts that were incorrectly supplied by TVH can be returned without costs.


  1. MyTotalSource is available in 32 languages and can be consulted 24/7.
  2. Our online program MyTotalSource is available free of charge.
  3. By means of MyTotalSource, customers can call TVH for free.
  4. MyTotalSource allows you to easily follow up your order processing. Moreover it offers you the possibility to trace your orders via the courier’s site in real time.
  5. Via MyTotalSource you can quickly input and follow up your complaints online.
  6. Via MyTotalSource you can visualize and print your invoices and credit notes at any given time.
  7. All our catalogues can be consulted free of charge at any time by means of MyTotalSource.
  8. MyTotalSource offers you the possibility of free and quick identification of spare parts by means of the MyPartsFinder and MyProductSearch modules.
  9. By means of MyTotalSource you can print your own part labels.


  1. Your internal TVH sales advisor is always at your service during the office hours of your sales team. Changes to the office hours will be communicated to you separately. Should your fixed contact person be absent, a back-up is always available.
  2. We can automatically and electronically provide you with the following documents in 18 languages: order confirmation, transport confirmation, shipment overview (for flat-rate transport cost), backorder report (Monday), statement overview, invoices (pdf), complaints overview.
  3. We offer you sales assistance in 42 spoken languages (at our headquarters in Belgium).
  4. The flat-rate transport cost is immediately consultable so that you always know your transport cost in advance.