Waste management

When products such as batteries, tyres, oil and industrial packaging materials are produced, they also have to be disposed of at the end of their life cycle. Most disposable packaging has been replaced by more sustainable packaging. Only 3% of the packaging at TVH is non-recyclable. In addition to the above products, TVH also has to dispose of at least 30 other different kinds of waste, amongst which product remainders, metal, wood and construction waste.  

To fight the environmental pollution, TVH engages to dispose of its waste in a sustainable way. In 2014, 3628 tons of the rubbish was recycled, 296 tons was taken to a sorting installation for further sorting and 3 tons could be composted. Dangerous materials are given a specific allocation. 280 tons of batteries, contaminated soil & acid, was treated before it was deposited. Only a very small part was burned or dumped (<0,01%).