We only distribute parts we know will match the standards our New Zealander customers are looking for, and thats why we recommend and supply Danfoss. Our commitment to first-class service and our in-depth knowledge makes us the reliable supplier in New Zealand you need for your Danfoss parts. Furthermore, we offer:

  • 95% same-day shipment, next-day delivery to all our customers in New Zealand.
  • Customer support in 55 languages.
  • A dedicated technical support team that will provide you with the best possible service imaginable.
  • A database of over 46 000 000 item numbers, of which more than 930 000 different references are in stock.

Looking for a Danfoss supplier in New Zealand? Look no further. TVH is Sales Partner for Danfoss Power Solutions. Get access to our online shop to find the full range of Danfoss parts, create offers and place orders.

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DANFOSS Authorized Service Center (BeLux)

TVH is officially an Authorized Service Center (ASC) BeLux for Danfoss Power Solutions, world leader in hydraulic components and solutions. Specifically, TVH is authorized to handle Danfoss hydraulic and electronic repairs and warranties for Belgium and Luxembourg. 

As a global player in the field of spare parts and accessories for material handling, industrial, construction and agricultural machinery, TVH keeps adding to its spare parts supply service.

Dominiek Valcke, CEO of TVH, commented: “We are proud to have obtained the Danfoss Power Solutions ASC label, as this will help us continue to deliver premium hydraulic and electronic components and services. Both Danfoss and TVH prioritize quality – it’s just one of the many values we share, so I’m sure we’re set for a new successful chapter in our partnership.”

About Danfoss

Around the world, mobile equipment manufacturers rely on Danfoss’ expertise for the most innovative work, propulsion, control and steering solutions. The company provides high-value, high-performance components for a broad range of mobile equipment applications.

As one of the largest companies in the mobile hydraulics industry, Danfoss designs, manufactures and sells a complete range of engineered hydraulic and electronic components including:

  • Orbital motors
  • Hydraulic steering units
  • PVG spool valves
  • Piston pumps & motors
Directional control valves

Directional control valves

The modular valve solutions by Danfoss are designed for integrating multiple functions in 1 compact package. When you both expect to handle heavy loads and have the need for precision handling, the PVG range is our optimal solution. 

The modular electrohydraulic valves provide an almost infinite number of configurations. Varying from simple load-sensing solutions to CAN bus communication.

Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic pumps

We can provide you with solutions for low-power, medium-power and high-power applications. The Danfoss pump range is very wide, going from the smallest gear pumps to big piston pumps.

A typical example of the Danfoss gear pump is the SNP2 range (used to be branded as Turolla). We can also offer the complete range of Danfoss piston pumps. A wide range of displacements is available to create many combinations.



Danfoss product portfolio includes an extensive range of state-of-the-art electronics for the off-highway vehicle sector.  They provide an array of both standard and custom products, including software, joysticks and sensors. 

Combined with the PLUS+1 control platform, you can quickly build customised vehicle control solutions.

Steering units

Steering units

It takes a lot to keep steering forces under perfect control in all kinds of driving conditions. With Danfoss hydraulic steering units, a steady, reliable performance is integral to the design.

Danfoss’ steering units come in many types, be it with or without integrated valve functions.
We can offer OSPC, OSPD, OSPF, OSPL, OSPU, VSP and VSPP types of steering units.

The most common of Danfoss’ steering units can also be provided with low noise implementation.
This can often be found on the OSPC type of steering units.

With Danfoss’ steering units, you’re set for a smooth experience. Be it driving straight ahead or during manoeuvring.

Fluid conveyance

Synflex by Danfoss® thermoplastic hoses are a leap forward in the efficiency and robust quality of hydraulic hoses, providing a variety of solutions for your everyday material handling challenges. They are built to withstand extreme environmental conditions and powerful heavy equipment by offering high abrasion and chemical resistance. 

Thermoplastic hoses last longer than alternative hoses, thus meeting the requirements of telehandlers and forklifts. These thermoplastic hoses offer better performance than the traditional rubber braided hoses in these applications, due to the variety of tubing materials such as polyamide or nylon, synthetic fibre reinforcement and possible multiline solutions. 

These hoses are perfectly suited for a variety of telehandlers and forklifts, where high pressure is combined with flexible moving abilities, offering long service life. Additionally, they can be used in cold environments such as air-conditioned warehouses.
We can offer you the Synflex range of R7, R8 and R18 hoses. 

Cartridge valves

Cartridge valves

Danfoss ICS (Integrated Circuit Solutions) provides all that you need to design a complete
control solution for your machine with our full line of cartridge valves. They have over 450 models in their portfolio, from simple check valves to high-precision proportional valves.
Features and benefits:
- Available in multiple sizes ranging from SAE-4 to SAE-20 cavities, ensuring the correct cartridge sizing.
- Individual valve models are customizable to meet your application needs, from pressure setting, seal material and electrical input to flow setting.
- Based on a hydraulic scheme we can offer a Danfoss equivalent.


Danfoss helps its customers excel with world-class applications know-how. By combining the strengths of its technologies with the collective skills and experience of its employees locally, Danfoss creates solutions that are as economically advantageous as they are advanced. By using Danfoss products and design platforms, customers often find that they shorten the learning curve, broaden their own competencies in new technologies, lower costs and decrease time-to-market.

Why you should choose us as your Danfoss distributor in New Zealand

With our comprehensive range of Danfoss parts at competitive prices, next day delivery from our network of regional warehouses and a dedicated technical support team, we can offer you the best possible service imaginable. Whether you need Danfoss parts for a routine inspection or major repairs or replacements, look to TVH. 

Global support team
Global support team

With 62 different nationalities and 57 spoken languages in the company, we can offer customer support in your own language.

Over 50 years of experience
Over 50 years of experience

We've grown from 2 founders to a company of more than 5000 employees, with offices and distribution facilities on every continent.

44 000 000 known references
47 000 000 known references

The most extensive range of parts for material handling, industrial, construction and agricultural equipment. We continuously grow our offer, with more parts and accessories arriving every day.

95% of orders shipped the same day
95% ship the same day

We collaborate with local shipping companies to deliver every order within the promised timeframe. To ensure a fast delivery, we ship 95% of orders on the same day of ordering.

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