3 reasons to opt for semi-electric transportation

25 October 2018

Is it time to purchase new handling equipment? Don't know whether to choose between a semi-electric or manual application? Don't hesitate any longer! Transporting, lifting and stacking becomes a piece of cake. 

Transporting without effort


Using a semi-electric pallet truck or stacker, you drive and lift ergonomically. A pallet truck drives electrically and lifts manually. For a stacker, it's the other way around: driving is done manually and lifting electrically. Because of this combination, the pallet truck or stacker ensures that your physical strain is limited to a minimum. 

Are you struggling with backaches or do you fear sustaining them in the future? From now on, you can enjoy the benefits a semi-electric pallet truck or stacker offers. These machines are barely any larger than a standard manual pallet truck or stacker, which means they are perfect for use in small spaces.

Improved ergonomics in the workplace

Do you like to keep your employees happy? You can do that, not only by putting a box of cookies in the workshop every week, but also by making efforts regarding ergonomics. A healthy workshop results in more productivity and a higher efficiency, and on top of that you get happy employees in return.


Do you like to take care of your staff and yourself? Then you should consider switching over to semi-electric means of transport like pallet trucks and stackers. These machines are invaluable for your working environment and have positive effects on your health.

Productivity increases by 25%

Besides happy and healthy employees, another important benefit of a semi-electric pallet truck is that you can perform more tasks in one working day.

A person's normal walking speed is between 4 and 5 km/h. With an unloaded semi-electric pallet truck, you can easily maintain this speed. Are you transporting a load? Using a manual pallet truck, the speed will decrease to 2.5 km/h, but when using a semi-electric pallet truck, it will only decrease to 3.5 km/h. The main reason for this difference? With the manual pallet truck you also have to pull the load. 

If you transport unloaded for 2 hours of the working day, and loaded for 6 hours, your performances will be 25% higher by the end of the day when using a semi-electric pallet truck.

Did you make your choice?

Don't doubt any longer and opt for the semi-electric pallet truck to transport goods in your working environment. Contribute to a healthy workplace for your colleagues and yourself. 25% of additional productivity per day? The only thing you have to do is calculate what this could mean for you on a yearly basis. TVH offers both semi-electric pallet trucks and stackers in its TotalSource range.