Jacks & supports

Looking for a suitable jack?

You can find various models at TVH. A hydraulic jack makes it much easier to lift heavy equipment. Just think of a car or lift truck that needs to be lifted to allow efficient maintenance.

The lifting capacity of our jacks varies between 4000 kg and 22 700 kg. Because of their robust structure, they are exceptionally suitable for daily heavy-duty use and heavy work activities.

jacks & supports

In addition to hydraulic jacks you can also contact TVH for a safety trestle. Thanks to the fold-away wheels, this can easily be placed under the trailer to prevent it from tilting. Each jack and trestle is equipped with an ergonomic handle.


Our range also features jockey wheels and mounting clamps. Jockey wheels allow you to move your trailer with ease. These are available with a capacity up to 250 kg.

A mounting clamp is necessary to attach the jockey wheel. In case you own a trailer that is not standard equipped with a brake, it is advisable to choose for the combination of both a jockey wheel and mounting clamp. This way you ensure a safe environment, since the trailer cannot inadvertently move forwards or backwards.

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