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TVH is official GRAMMER material handling partner.


GRAMMER Seats North America opened its doors in Hudson, Wisconsin in 2001.

They supply suspended seats for a variety of applications, including: construction, buses, coaches, agricultural machines, nautical and off-road highway equipment, just to name a few. After considerable growth in these industries in North America, it was in 2005 that this 70 000 square foot facility became a manufacturing and assembly facility for these same seats. Today, more than 100 employees make up the GRAMMER Seats North America headquarters.

GRAMMER AG (headquarters located in Amberg, Germany) is operational in over 20 countries worldwide with a workforce of more than 10 000 employees across its 30 subsidiaries.

Why choose Grammer ?

The GRAMMER brand stands for mobile comfort, safety and unrivalled ergonomics. What drives them, is a passion for creating products with the highest level of operator comfort and a quality seating solution for people who use vehicles as one of their primary work tools. Products from GRAMMER Seating Systems continuously set high standards and raise the bar. The company is a market leader in:

- air suspension
- fully automatic adjustment to the driver's weight guaranteeing a perfect ride
- a fully adjustable seat top that helps you find the most comfortable position for a relaxed and healthy seating position while at work
- active seat climatisation which carries away body perspiration
- a host of other seating solution patents 

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