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    TVH has grown to become one of the most respected names in the material handling industry.  Our commitment to the manufacturing and distribution of quality replacement parts and accessories has made us a world leader.

Company news

National Forklift Safety Day is June 13, 2017

TVH in the Americas proudly joins organizations and companies around the United States to commemorate the fourth annual National Forklift Safety Day on June 13, 2017.

TVH Recycles more than 350 Tons of Materials
TVH in the Americas (TVH), a leading provider of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and equipment industries, is proud to announce that it recycled more than 369 tons of paper, cardb
TVH Canada is a National Service Dog Sponsor

TVH in the Americas (TVH), is sponsoring two male puppies in training at the National Service Dogs (NSD) organization in Ontario, Canada.

TVHInnovate Program is Expanding

TVH in the Americas (TVH), have expanded their TVHInnovate program to all locations.