A refreshed look for private label TotalSource

31 October 2023

A refreshed look for private label TotalSource

Today marks a new chapter for our private product label TotalSource. TVH’s own brand of quality parts and accessories for material handling, construction, industrial and agricultural equipment gets a contemporary new visual identity. This update fits into further establishing TVH as the global parts player it is today


Your reliable choice

Our unwavering commitment to quality remains unchanged and is now aligned with the core principles that TotalSource stands for: 


  • Quality in every part
  • The widest range
  • The right price



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TotalSource in facts and figures


TotalSource has been part of TVH since 2003. From that moment onwards, we rolled out TotalSource as a private brand of TVH on a global scale. 

Today, TotalSource counts more than 350 000 stock units which are shipped to 182 countries worldwide, making it a preferred choice for our customers. 


TotalSource’s upcoming changes

Over the next few weeks and months, you'll notice TotalSource's fresh logo and aesthetic replacing our previous packaging. Additionally our new logo will start to appear on labels, e-commerce, manuals and more.


We hope you find it as appealing as we do! 

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