Why you absolutely need a camera on your machine

14 March 2019
Camera system on a forklift

Safety becomes increasingly important in this fast-growing business world. While companies expand and workers need to work more and faster to get the same job done, safety measures are sometimes neglected. Thousands of machine-related accidents are reported every year. A camera system for your machine helps to improve your safety in the workplace. Of course, there are also many other benefits that you may not immediately think of. Interested? Then continue reading below.

Get a clear view of everything you would normally never notice and avoid accidents.

A camera expands your field of view. Point the camera somewhere that is normally out of your line-of-sight, such as the forks, roof, mast or boom of your machine. This way, you expand your field of view to the maximum. The monitor is mounted in the cabin, close to the steering wheel, so you can see the surroundings of your machine from your seat: your load, what is going on in front of, behind, above or next to your machine ... you name it. The possibilities are endless.

Our reversing cameras give you eyes in the back of your head. You can manoeuvre backwards effortlessly and furthermore, you can also always see whether there are any goods or persons in the danger zone behind the machine. Install the monitor at a good height and check at all times whether the surroundings are safe. In addition, a camera is also an asset ergonomically, as your back and neck are less burdened since you don't have to turn around every time to check all corners.

Protect your goods and your environment.

From your machine you often have a restricted view of your load. You know what we mean: the mast is blocking your view or your load was lifted too high to be able to see if everything is still secure and safe. A camera is the perfect solution for this. It helps you prevent accidents and damage to your goods, and allows you to work faster.

Do you work in an environment with a lot of pedestrian traffic? These passers-by are vulnerable road users and don't always see or hear you coming. Aim the camera at any blind spot around your machine and say goodbye to blind spot accidents.

Keep a good ergonomic posture

Machine operators who spend every day behind the wheel, need a good posture to prevent neck and back problems. If you haven't got a good visibility when driving or manoeuvring, you will often perform all kinds of (often non-ergonomic) movements to get a better view. You stretch, you reach and you wriggle to be able to see more. With a camera system you can stay seated; thanks to the monitor you can see everything you need to see to carry out your job properly.

Conclusion? A camera system on your machine is simply super comfortable. It expands your field of view, prevents accidents, contributes to good ergonomics and is also easy to install. After using a camera system, you will never want to work without one again!

Efficiency and safety are key to our daily operations. That's why a camera system is essential for your machine. Wired or wireless, budget or premium, front, rear … or do you prefer a fork camera? There is always a product available that will meet your needs. Seize the opportunity to boost your safety and efficiency! Explore our 'Electronic accessories’ catalogue to discover our cameras and other accessories, such as radios, weighing systems, laser guidance systems, speed monitoring equipment and much more.

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