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TVH's partner Grammer offers a wide variety of qualitative seats and seat accessories. Grammer stands for mobile comfort, safety and unrivalled ergonomics. What drives them, is a passion for creating products with the highest level of operator comfort and a quality seating solution for people who use vehicles as one of their primary work tools. 

Grammer is constantly seeking new pioneering solutions to additionally improve their products. They are a market leader in:

  • air suspension
  • fully automatic adjustment to the driver's weight guaranteeing a perfect ride
  • a fully adjustable seat top that helps you find the most comfortable position for a relaxed and healthy seating position while at work
  • active seat climatisation which carries away body perspiration
  • a host of other seating solution patents

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At TVH, we assure 95% same-day shipment of our seats, next-day delivery to all our customers

Grammer competence center

Developed and tested for professional use

At the Grammer Competence Centre, Grammer seats are tested to the highest quality standards and ergonomics from development to production through mechanical strength and ergonomic tests, such as: 

  •  Vibration absorption measurement and certification 
  •  Endurance of suspension and seat functions in various conditions  
  •  Dry and wet climate tests from -30°C up to +80°C and multi-axis lifetime simulation test 
  •  Cushion abrasion with real life movement

It's all about ergonomics

We support you in all situations. At TVH, we understand the significance of ergonomics, especially when it involves machines that require precision and physical effort. That's why we are committed to providing you with the tools and knowledge to ensure optimal ergonomic conditions for a comfortable and productive work environment. Grammer sets standards in ergonomics and comfort by investing heavily in research and development to maintain driver health.

How to stay fit during long workdays

Exercise 1

Stretch your back and hold it in that position. Circle your shoulders, eight times forward and eight backward.

Exercise 2

Stretch your back and hold it in that position. Raise your shoulders as far as possible, almost to your ears. Hold them there. Drop and lower them all the way. Do eight repetitions.

Exercise 3

Spread your knees wide and close them again. Do eight repetitions.

Exercise 4

Take a break! Get out and walk around the vehicle several times. Raise your arms and press your hands firmly against it. Stretch your upper body and bounce back and forth using your hips and knees as springs.


With our comprehensive range of Grammer parts at competitive prices, next day delivery from our network of regional warehouses and a dedicated technical support team, we can offer you the best possible service imaginable. Whether you need Grammer parts for a routine inspection or major repairs or replacements, look to TVH.

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Global support team
Global support team

With 62 different nationalities and 57 spoken languages in the company, we can offer customer support in your own language.

Over 50 years of experience
Over 50 years of experience

We've grown from 2 founders to a company of more than 5000 employees, with offices and distribution facilities on every continent.

44 000 000 known references
47 000 000 known references

The most extensive range of parts for material handling, industrial, construction and agricultural equipment. We continuously grow our offer, with more parts and accessories arriving every day.

95% of orders shipped the same day
95% ship the same day

We collaborate with local shipping companies to deliver every order within the promised timeframe. To ensure a fast delivery, we ship 95% of orders on the same day of ordering.