Why you too should use MyTotalSource

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Using MyTotalSource offers nothing but advantages.


  • Ordering, inquiring, looking up parts or accessories … wherever and whenever you want
  • Compatible with Android, Mac, iPad, Windows pc ….
  • 24/7
  • Very user-friendly
  • Receive your complete offer in no time

Quick access to part information

  • Immediate price and delivery time
  • Photograph available
  • Technical info

Easy search and consulting of parts and invoices

  • Looking up parts was never this easy
  • MyPartsFinder: you can track part numbers for material handling and industrial vehicles via the machine, engine or transmission details
  • MyProductSearch: find part numbers for material handling and industrial vehicles with technical specifications and dimension.
  • Bepco Search: identify the parts and accessories you need for agricultural machinery.
    You can search by reference number, by brand and model or by dimension to easily locate the right part you require.
  • All catalogues are consultable
  • View and manage all your invoices online
  • Look up offers up to 1 year back