Wheels for forklifts


Product Range Wheels for forklifts

At TVH, you will find all kinds of wheels for forklifts:

  • rollers
  • load wheels
  • drive wheels
  • castors
  • press-on tyres

Our wheels are available in the following materials:

  • polyurethane and Vulkollan
  • nylon
  • steel
  • rubber
  • ...

Many PU wheels are available in different levels of hardness, ranging from rather soft (70° Shore A) to extremely hard (97° Shore A). According to the application you need, you can  choose between various types: standard PU, Vulkollan, Tractothane (@Räder-Vogel),  VU-Quartz,  Powerfriction, VU-Antistatic ...

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Quality Wheels for forklifts

Because we want to give you a maximal choice, the PU wheels are available in different quality levels and thus price ranges. This way, machines can be equipped with the appropriate wheels according to their tasks. We guarantee an optimal quality/price ratio.

Wheels from European manufacturers, with strong brands such as:

  • Raeder Vogel
  • Stellana
  • Vulkoprin

Wheels from US-based manufacturers.

Basic, reliable Far-East quality.

More advantages

  • We are constantly striving to provide you with the best customer service, readjustments in our workplace are possible.
  • Product specialists constantly work on optimising the wheels for special machines.
  • The frequently ordered products are kept in stock in huge quantities, to facilitate short lead times.

More info

  • For more detailed info, such as references, types and dimensions, feel free to ask for our Wheels, rollers & castors product catalogue.
  • You can find the wheel you’re looking for on MyTotalSource. Base your search on: machine details in MyPartsFinder or technical product details and requirements in MyProductSearch.
  • Our specialists are available to assist you in the search of special or less frequent wheels. They will be pleased to give you professional advice for your new projects.
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