TVH invests in electric pool car

02 October 2019

TVH, global player in the field of forklift trucks and industrial vehicles and parts for these machines, has temporarily expanded its fleet of pool cars with an electric BMW i3. Renting this car is part of the company's ongoing commitment to more sustainable mobility.

As part of #TVHthinksgreen - TVH's internal collective name for its ecological actions and efforts - a new pool car is temporarily available for employees in Waregem: an electric BMW i3. The car can be recognised by the logos of TVH and rental company BMW Lemmens-Le Couter.

BMW i3 TVH Waregem

Electric test car

TVH makes the new electric pool car available to employees who have to travel up to a maximum of 100 km (single distance) for work. In addition, employees who have a company car can test the pool car for their commute. "In this way, they gain experience in electric driving and they get the chance to see if they want to switch to a green company car later on", says Bram Lannoo, Fleet & Project Coordinator at TVH. "This is just one of the projects we are currently working on to make our company even greener in the future." 

Positive first reactions

As the electric car has an automatic gearbox, a short manual has been provided for users who have never used such a gearbox before. The initial reactions from users are positive. They are particularly enthusiastic about the interior space, the acceleration, the environmentally friendly aspect (the car gives an indication of the best driving style for an optimal battery consumption), the ease of use and the limited noise that the car makes.

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