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Narrow-aisle forklifts are commonly used in warehouses with confined aisles. The wheels of these forklifts are of key importance. Only the mast of these forklifts can turn, making them perfect for working in narrow aisles. Not sure which wheel is the right fit for your application? Our technically skilled customer service department will help find the perfect match for your machine. Looking for load wheels, traction wheels or other wheels? Have a look below to find out more about these types.

Load wheels

Load wheels

Load wheels carry the load of your forklift and often have the braking system inside, making them an important part of your equipment. Our forklift load wheels are thoroughly tested before being included in our range. In this way, we guarantee high-quality wheels and a safe way of working. We offer a lot of materials, e.g. polyurethane, nylon and rubber on the one hand, and various levels of hardness on the other hand. Therefore we can offer a perfect fit for your specific application.

Find out more about our load wheels on this page.

Traction wheels

Traction wheels

The right traction wheels increase indoor comfort and efficiency tremendously. Even during longer shifts, our traction wheels maintain their optimal condition so we can keep you going at all times. Do you prefer non-marking traction wheels? We've got your back: the majority of our traction wheels don't leave black markings on the floor.

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What are the benefits of TVH as a distributor of your forklift wheels?

At TVH, you'll find a wide range of wheels for every narrow-aisle forklift. Our wheels are suitable for all major forklift makes: T Aisle-Master, Bendi, Flexi Narrow Aisle ...

We work with the best brands in the business to bring you an extensive range of narrow-aisle forklift wheels: Räder-Vogel - Vulkoprin - Wicke - Curtis – Sevcon – PG Drives – SME – Schwarzmüller – Elektrosistem – Danfoss – Freudenberg – KYB – Rexroth – Carraro – M+S Hydraulic

Our brand TotalSource offers high-quality wheels for the best possible price. In this way, you always get the best deal.

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  • Discover our full range of narrow-aisle forklift wheels and handling equipment in our 'Wheels, Rollers & Castors' catalogue (REF 31072155). In it, you’ll find additional information on types, dimensions, technical information, and more.
  • You can view and buy wheels via our official MyTotalSource webshop.
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