TVH launches website with employees in the spotlight

30 August 2019

TVH, a global player in the material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment industry, launched a new website last week: ‘Humans of TVH' ( As the name suggests, the focus is not on the company's products, but on its employees. Among other things, they tell their story about what it's like to work at TVH. 

With its new website ‘Humans of TVH’, TVH portrays employees who tell about their job, work experience, hobbies, family, passion for travel and more. The idea came from the world-famous website 'Humans of New York', on which residents from different backgrounds are placed in the spotlight with their personal stories. In the same way, with the new site, TVH offers a unique and personal view behind the scenes of the lives of its employees. Not only colleagues from the global headquarters in Belgium share their story, but also people from the regional headquarters in the US and from the India, Canada, Brazil ... branches. 

TVH Parts has more than 4300 employees. “They make the company what it is today and deserve to be in the spotlight for a change”, says TVH. “Furthermore, we wish to introduce the world to the people behind our products and services.” Anyone who is interested in a job at TVH might also like to take a look at the new website. Under the section ‘working at TVH’, employees explain how they experience their job and their working days. The website is available in English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.

TVH lanceert website met medewerkers in de spotlight


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