17 December 2021

Parts specialist TVH coaches 20 employees on a six-month path that will change their lives. These 20 'TVH Nudge Stars' are training for the quarter triathlon in Izegem on 26 May 2022, under the professional guidance of Energy Lab. 

This Life Changing Journey, as the project is called internally at TVH, is part of their Nudge health policy. Through Nudge, the company encourages its employees to make healthier choices. TVH does this by regularly setting up initiatives on mental well-being, sports and healthy nutrition, but now it is going a step further. A quarter triathlon consists of 10 km of running, 1 km of swimming and 40 km of cycling.

Niki Mistiaen, Employee Happiness Advisor at TVH and organiser of the Nudge actions, explains: "The selected colleagues submitted their candidacy with a convincing motivation. Out of 130 candidates, we selected 20 from all over the world: 13 from Belgium, 4 from America and employees from the UK, France and Mexico. They are personally mentored by a professional coach from Energy Lab. The training demands determination, perseverance and a strong mentality. From all perspectives a truly life-changing experience."

Dominiek Valcke, CEO of TVH: "This initiative reflects what our Nudge programme is all about. On the one hand, an active lifestyle provides a boost for yourself. On the other hand, other colleagues might also be inspired to exercise more. It is something TVH is strongly committed to and invests significantly in. Because ultimately, it also contributes to a better working atmosphere and more happiness at work. And we can already see that this is very much alive in the different teams. Colleagues are rooting for the candidate they know best."


Over the next six months, the 20 participating employees will train in the disciplines of running, cycling and swimming. Their ultimate goal: the quarter triathlon of 26 May 2022 in Izegem. The programme consists of a full analysis weekend, personal follow-up, bespoke training and nutrition schedules and more. 

"Each TVH Nudge Star has his or her own reasons for participating. One participant, for example, wants to prove that he can still achieve exceptional results after receiving cancer treatment. Another colleague thought it was time for a change after 20 years of unhealthy living. Yet another Nudge Star is taking part to show that, even with young children, she can still achieve ambitious sporting goals," says Niki Mistiaen.


To enable colleagues, family and friends to experience all the progress of the triathletes-to-be, TVH is launching a new Instagram channel called 'TVH Nudge Stars'.

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