Structure & organisation



The Materials Department’s purchase staff at TVH's headquarters in Belgium counts different groups:

  • Brand advisors: they develop, purchase, manage and provide technical support for items related to an OE brand (Linde, Clark, etc.)
  • Product advisors: they develop, purchase, manage and provide technical support for items related to a specific product category (bearings, hydraulics, etc.)


They collect information on market developments and trends within their product or brand portfolio. They look for possible new suppliers in collaboration with the sourcing team.


  • Sourcing team: scans the market for possible new sources by visiting trade fairs, browsing the internet, etc.




New suppliers



Prospect suppliers are thoroughly screened and evaluated on different aspects. The sourcing team sets up first contacts with new suppliers. After a successful first delivery, they hand over the account to the brand or product advisors.


Quality control


Prospect suppliers are requested to provide a full detail of their product range, part numbers and samples for quality checks. These samples are subject to thorough tests by our Quality Control Department, which has a variety of testing and measuring tools at its disposal:

  • Spectrometer
  • Hardness tester
  • 3D measurement
  • Various test benches, some of which were developed in-house 

Check the TVH Quality Charter and quality page for more detailed information.


Inbound process


All inbound shipments are checked for compliance with TVH’s order specifications using technical data sheets, drawings, pictures, test reports and other information stored in our database.

Once approved, the parts receive an internal code and label, and are individually packed and stocked.


Performance of active suppliers


TVH regularly rates active suppliers’ performance in

  • Product quality: equal to OEM in use, life cycle and dimensions, with warranty on all parts
  • Packaging of the goods supplied
  • Overall reliability: on time deliveries, availability, pricing, response time to inquiries, etc.