Pallet truck for fish totes

Pallet truck for fish totes
Pallet truck for fish totes
Pallet truck for fish totes


Need to transport your fish boxes from one place to another in an easy and efficient way? This pallet jack for fishery boxes was specially designed to help you with this labour-intensive job, by reducing physical damage to yourself, your staff and the fish!


  • Unload and transport fish quickly
  • One person can move more boxes
  • Less damage to the boxes, thus eliminating the need for new totes
  • The ergonomic design of this pallet truck reduces physical strain on the employees, resulting in happier workers

Why should you choose our stainless steel version?

  • Corrosion-resistant, making it the ideal pallet truck for food contact
  • Resistant to powerful detergents
  • Easy to maintain to a high standard of hygiene
  • Resistant to the wide range of temperatures frequently encountered in the production of foods

Technical information

  • Capacity: 1500 kg
  • Lowest fork position / Min height: 120 mm
  • Highest fork position / Max height: 230 mm
  • Length of the forks: 850 mm
  • Wheels: single / nylon
  • Weight: 62 kg

Possible versions

Galvanised steel: REF 165TA2862
Semi-stainless steel: REF 165TA2907
Stainless steel: REF 165TA2873


* Delivered without fish tote and designed for fish totes with inner dimensions: 450 x 800 mm

Other dimensions of fish totes? Please provide us with the inner dimensions of your fish totes and we will help you out!

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