Lift tables

Lift goods easier with our range of lift tables

Moving goods doesn’t have to be a difficult task, wouldn’t you agree? Handle loads with ease with a practical lift table. It is the perfect ergonomic solution to lift any load up to 3000 kg. 

But why should you use a lift table? Placing products at an ergonomic height and improving the efficiency of operators are the two main reasons for using a lift table. The most important benefit is that you don't need to bend over to lift heavy goods, as a result of which the risk of a back or knee injury is significantly reduced.

Do you mainly move light goods?

In that case, our manual lift tables can be the perfect tool for you. The lifting power is generated by a hydraulic cylinder, operated by a foot pump. Lowering is possible by using the lever attached to the handle. This equipment is specifically designed to lift goods and place or carry small items. 

lift table

Need to pick up heavy and robust goods?

We can also offer you electric versions, specially designed to deal with a variety of handling applications. These electric models are always equipped with an emergency stop, located next to the lift and lower switches.

lift table

Do you work in a humid environment or in the food industry? 

Then our high-quality stainless steel lift tables are the perfect fit for you.

Why buy from TVH? We can provide you with the best ergonomic versions at competitive prices. Our technically skilled employees will help you with your choice, to get the best solution for your activities. 



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