Competition rules

Article 1: Principle

These competition rules set out the regulations governing the conditions of participation in the competition to win the prizes mentioned in Article 5. (hereinafter the "Filter Contest").

The Filter Contest is organised by TVH Parts NV, with registered office at Brabantstraat 15, 8790 Waregem, Belgium (hereinafter the "Organiser").

By participating in the Filter Contest, the Participant (as defined below) accepts without reservation or restriction all provisions of these competition rules and the decisions of the Organiser.

Article 2: Who can participate?

Participation in the Filter Contest with purchase obligation is exclusively reserved for organisations with a VAT number; except for those based in Turkey and the United States of America. (hereinafter the "Participant")   

The natural person placing the order is not personally eligible for a prize.

Article 3: Modalities of participation

The Participant will receive a "ticket"/"opportunity" to participate in the Filter Contest (hereinafter a "Ticket"), if the Participant:

  • registers on the website [*], 
  • answers the knowledge question correctly, and
  • fills in the tie-breaker question.

In order to validly register, the Participant must fill in the following data: contact title, last name, first name, company, VAT number, function, address, postal code, municipality, country, telephone, e-mail and language. The Participant guarantees that the communicated data are correct, up to date and complete.

Any incomplete participation and any participation that has not been submitted via the mentioned website will be declared null and void.

The activation of the Ticket (and the effective participation in the Filter Contest) is done by the purchase of one (or more) filter(s) - with the exception of exhaust gas filters - via the webshop MyTotalSource or by telephone via the Organiser's sales service.

Each Participant can only obtain one (1) Ticket and, if applicable, activate it. Because of the activation, the Participant has as much chance of a prize as he had Tickets. (1 Ticket = 1 chance of a prize)

In the event that not all the conditions of the competition rules are met or in the event of abuse, deception, fraud or bad faith, the Organiser reserves the right to exclude the Participant in question from the Filter Contest.

Article 4: Time period

The Filter Contest starts on Monday 22 June 2020 at 00:00 and ends on Wednesday 22 July 2020 at 24:00. (CET / GMT+1)

Both obtaining a Ticket and its activation must take place within this period.

Article 5: The prize

Participants who have activated their Ticket have a chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • FIVE (5) x filters of your choice for a total amount of €1000 (or this amount converted into one of the following currencies: GBP, ZAR, PLN, RUB, USD, AUD, NZD) (total amount excluding VAT) (main prize)

    The winners of the (main) prize will not receive a voucher or coupon for this.

    With the exception of any Russian winners, the winners will receive a quarterly credit note for the purchase of their filters from the Organiser until the amount of €1000 (excluding VAT) has been reached.

    Any winning Participants based in Russia will receive the (main) prize through a 99% discount on the purchase of filters until the total amount of the discount is €1000 (= ~80,000 RUB) (total amount excluding VAT).

    The main prize awarded is valid for one (1) year and must therefore be taken up/spent within this period. After the date of 31/7/2021, any balance still available will be automatically and irrevocably reduced to zero (0) euro.
  • FIFTY (50) x Barbecook Edson sets 

    In the event that unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond the Organiser's control would make the delivery of a Barbecook Edson practically impossible, the Organiser reserves the right to award another equivalent prize to the winner(s) concerned. In such a case, the winner(s) will be notified of this change of prize by e-mail or telephone. Any such change of prize shall not give rise to any right to compensation or indemnity in respect of the winner in question.

    A Participant can win a maximum of one prize in this Filter Contest.

    The prize may not be exchanged or converted into cash in any way whatsoever through any channel.

    A prize can only be awarded to the winner of the Filter Contest and is therefore not transferable (including any sale) to any other person.

    Each winner will be contacted by the Organiser (via e-mail or telephone) to arrange for the delivery of the prize. All shipping costs are at the expense of the Organiser. 

Article 6: Determination and announcement of winners

In total there will be fifty-five (55) winners. 

A winner is a Participant who, within the period specified in Article 4, cumulatively meets all the conditions of the Contest, that is:

  • The Participant must have correctly registered on the web page of the Filter Contest by filling in his/her details.
  • The Participant must have answered the knowledge question correctly and as soon as possible and have answered the tie-breaker question correctly. 
  • The Participant has purchased one (or more) filter(s) via the webshop MyTotalSource or by telephone via the Organiser's sales service. 

If no one answered the tie-breaker question correctly, the 55 (or remaining) winners will be the Participants who answered the knowledge question correctly and whose answer to the tie-breaker question is closest to the correct answer. 

In case of a possible ex aequo, the Participant who has bought the most filters within the period mentioned in article 4, will be the winner.

The 55 winners will be contacted personally by the Organiser via e-mail or telephone no later than the week of 3 August 2020. The winners will also be announced via the Organiser's Facebook and LinkedIn page if applicable.

The result of the Filter Contest is binding and irrevocable. The decision to designate winners is therefore final and can't be contested.

Article 7: Liability

The Organiser can't be held responsible or liable for:

  • not being able to deliver a prize if the Participant provided insufficient, incomplete or incorrect contact details.
  • possible damage, physical injury or accidents that could occur as a result of winning a prize and/or participating in the Filter Contest.
  • any shortcomings of the post and/or courier companies when delivering a prize (such as delay, damage, strike or loss).
  • any defect in the prize or if the prize doesn't meet the created expectations.
  • possible accidents or damage (in)directly related to a prize won.

The Organiser shall make every effort to allow access to the website and the Filter Contest at any time. The Organiser may interrupt access to the website and the Filter Contest at any time, in particular for technical reasons, updates and maintenance. Under no circumstances can the company be held liable for these interruptions and their consequences.

Article 8: Amendments to regulations

The Organiser reserves the right to modify, suspend or revoke the Filter Contest or its course at any time in any individual jurisdiction, if it is compelled to do so for legal reasons or if unforeseen circumstances or circumstances independent of the Organiser's wish justify this, without any right to compensation or indemnification in respect of the Participants.

If amendments to the regulations are made, these will be communicated to the Participants by e-mail.

Article 9: Applicable law & disputes

These regulations are subject to Belgian law and will be implemented and interpreted in accordance with Belgian law.

The Organiser will see to the proper course of the Filter Contest. All disputes concerning the application of these regulations shall be settled autonomously by the Organiser.

Article 10: Privacy

All personal data communicated by the Participants in connection with or within the framework of the Filter Contest will be stored in a database managed by the Organiser. 

This personal data of the Participants is thus processed by the Organiser.

This data falls under the application of the law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and all Belgian regulations implementing the GDPR. The Organiser wishes to guarantee the private life of the Participant in compliance with all legal or other provisions relating to the protection of private life.

By participating, Participants agree that if they win a prize, they may appear on the website and other channels (such as YouTube, Facebook ...) with their picture, name and address, as well as on the website and online channels of any co-organisers, and in the written press, as well as be filmed for (television) coverage of the Filter Contest.

This data can also be used for promotional campaigns or discounts, for information and studies.

You may at any time consult the personal data processed by the Organiser, have all necessary corrections made or ask the Organiser, free of charge, to remove them from its files or not to communicate all or part of the information obtained to third parties.

Article 11: Contact

If you have any questions, problems or disputes in connection with the Filter Contest, please send an e-mail to

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