Parts for tail lifts
Parts for tail lifts
Parts for tail lifts
Parts for tail lifts

A tail lift, also called a liftgate, is an appliance that is mostly installed on the back of a lorry or van. It greatly facilitates loading and unloading goods to and from the loading bay of your vehicle to the ground or to a loading dock. The use of a tail lift eliminates the need for a forklift or truck-mounted forklift to load and unload the truck. Tail lifts are available for many sizes of vehicles.

To keep your tail lifts operational and your employees safe, high-quality tail lift parts and accessories are essential. TVH is your tail lift parts supplier for all your maintenance and repair needs.

For nearly 25 years, France Hayon, a sister company of TVH Group, has been focussing on tail lifts parts of all brands. Since 2010, the R&D bureau of France Hayon has been developing optimised parts under the brand HYDEM. With that, they offer you smart solutions.

HYDEM was thought up by technicians, who are experienced in the field of tail lifts, and who employ a progress-oriented approach, based on information from the sector. HYDEM guarantees high quality and craftsmanship to meet the customer's every need with multipurpose parts, to improve efficiency in the maintenance and in stock management.

Electricity, hydraulics and mechanically welded parts, aluminium profiles, custom-made hoses ... are only a few examples of HYDEM solutions.

In the meantime, HYDEM has succeeded in positioning itself on the market of spare parts for tail lifts. The company owes this to its more than 300 fast-moving references and cherishes the ambition to develop even more in the following years, thanks to the expansion of contemporary techniques.

Choose your smart solution, choose HYDEM.

Makes and models

Our range consists of over 36 000 references in stock and more than 173 000 known references, so we can offer you an extensive selection of parts and accessories for tail lifts. TVH’s range includes parts for different types of tail lifts, such as van lifts, standard cantilever lifts, slider lifts, fold-away lifts, passenger lifts and column lifts. 

Our parts and accessories are suitable for:

AMA - Anteo - Bär Cargolift - Behrens-Eurolift - Dautel - Dhollandia - Erhel Hydris - MBB Palfinger - Ratcliff - Sörensen - Zepro - …

We offer you a large stock, so we can guarantee short delivery times.


For all tail lift parts you need, TVH is the place to be. Our range includes motors, pumps, cylinders, electrical parts, hoses, printed circuit boards, switches… For certain tail lift parts, you can even choose between new and rebuilt.

TVH also specialises in controllers, we offer hand and foot controllers of excellent quality. Operate your tail lift easily with our hand controls available in 2- or 3-button versions or discover our range of foot control switches for various brands on page 12 of our parts for tail lift brochure.

Accessories for tail lifts


Cables & connectors for tail lifts

Cables & connectors

Coils & valves for tail lifts

Coils & valves

Cylinder parts for tail lifts

Cylinder parts

Cylinders for tail lifts


Electrical parts for tail lifts

Electrical parts

Hoses & fittings for tail lifts

Hoses & fittings

Mechanical parts for tail lifts

Mechanical parts

Motors, pumps and parts for tail lifts

Motors, pumps and parts

Pins, bushings & rollers for tail lifts

Pins, bushings & rollers

Power packs & parts for tail lifts

Power packs & parts

Switches & controllers for tail lifts

Switches & controllers


In addition to the parts, we also offer an extensive range of tail lift accessories, such as decals, reflectors, warning flags, personalised flags ...


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