How did our quality department originate?

It all started with one person from our sales department who gathered complaints and passed them on to the correct persons. This resulted in the creation of our quality department, which started to deal more and more with stock control and return processing.

The biggest task is currently still to preventively check all incoming goods and suppliers. The structuralisation of all our processes has also become a major task of this department, quality is now a fixed part of the process. Our quality department grew along with TVH into a team of twenty people who deal solely with quality.

Our quality assurance policy consists of the 4 quadrants shown in the logo. These are based on the combination of preventive and corrective actions, both for products and processes.

How do we ensure quality?

We want to create a surplus value for you and our suppliers by continuing to optimise our processes, products and information. We do this by continuously investing in the preventive control of all incoming goods.

If something ever goes wrong, you need the perfect service. Even at that moment we are ready to help you. Through your trusted sales advisor, we try to find the best possible solution for you personally.

Are you curious to learn how we handle this? Then have a look at our movie now.

Supplier rating & sourcing

To be able to continuously offer the best quality to our customers, TVH uses an extensive system to rate existing suppliers and to source new products from new suppliers. All suppliers are rated on:
  • Product quality: equal to OEM in use, life cycle and dimensions, with warranty on all parts
  • Packaging of the goods: packaging fitted for transportation, with minimal risk of damage
  • Overall supplier reliability: ontime deliveries, response time to questions, pricing and availability of the products …

Sample testing

All samples received from our suppliers are subjected to in-depth testing in the Quality Control Department. To ensure this, TVH has invested in top-quality testing and measuring devices, such as a hardness tester, spectrometer, 3D-measurement, PCB testing installations, and several others.

All samples are measured, compared and tested. Some of them are built into machines to test in a real working environment. Thanks to a new universal transmission testing bank, TVH can guarantee high quality for all delivered transmissions. Together with his repaired transmission, the customer receives a testing report in which all the measured pressures by several rpm are mentioned. Furthermore, the test bench also tests with both cold and heated oil.

Entry control & storage

Random checks determine which parts per shipment will be tested. Parts are measured and tested, based on the information stored in the system in technical sheets, technical drawings, sample testing reports, and spec sheets of that specific part.

In this way, the conformity of the shipment can be checked with the received samples and their compliance with agreements made with suppliers. These results reflect back to the supplier rating system of TVH. If the quality of the parts is approved, they get an internal code and label, are individually packed and are put in stock under excellent warehouse conditions (humidity, temperature …).