Quality and customer satisfaction is taken seriously at TVH and we will continue to develop innovative ways to provide you the right product at the best possible price. Your confidence in our company and product offerings is our highest priority.  We are dedicated to providing a broad product range, extensive inventory and on-time delivery.

Quality Standards

We have strict quality management system guidelines. Quality audits where trained, independent personnel commits several hours during each audit to ensure the integrity, conformity and effectiveness of the system occur often.

Over 80% of our products are the exact same as the OEM. We use many tools to ensure quality standards are met. Some of those tools include:

  • Metal Hardness Testers 
  • Spectrometer
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine 
  • Surface Finish Tester 

If a product has a problem, an alert will be issued and we will remove all stock of that product from our locations and make any corrections that are needed. We are committed to providing our customers with quality parts. 

Warranty Database

We use all of these tools and our warranty data to assure that corrective action is immediately taken when a product does not meet our quality standards.

  • Record of problems and complaints
  • A measure of product performance
  • Drives corrective action
  • Directs incoming inspection
  • Research critical dimensions with mating parts
  • Measurements are taken in comprehensive metrology
  • Electronic drawing communication with vendors

Our quality accuracy is 99% and all of our products either meet or exceed Original Equipment quality standards. 


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