03 January 2023

We offer a huge range of remanufactured parts for material handling, construction and agricultural equipment. We also supply a variety of reconditioned parts, tools and equipment for warehouses, workshops and more.

What are remanufactured parts?

Remanufactured parts are used parts that have been expertly repaired and restored by our team of highly qualified technicians. Repairs are made to the highest possible standards, and restored parts are put through rigorous testing to ensure they function as good as new. Some parts are tested in real machines, while others are subjected to trials using our specially developed test benches, which simulate working conditions and deliver an accurate assessment of the part’s functionality. 

Thanks to our strict quality-control measures and remanufacturing process, we’re 100% confident about every part we offer for sale – a confidence you share in, since every rebuild part you purchase comes with a full warranty.

Why choose remanufactured parts?

save money

1. Save money

Reconditioned parts are up to 50% cheaper than new parts. This makes them a wonderful alternative. You get the same functionality and reliability for less.

same warranty

2. Satisfaction is guaranteed

All our rebuild parts come with the same warranty as new parts. Why? Because thanks to our in-house experts and first-class testing facilities, we know that every remanufactured part we offer is of the highest quality.

Top quality

3. Top-quality parts

Your business deserves the best. That’s why we’ve invested in innovative test benches and highly qualified experts. We also collaborate closely with colleges and universities to ensure your remanufactured parts are restored and tested using the latest technology.

Our test centre in Belgium is equipped to test all kinds of parts, from reductors and valves to hydraulic cylinders, printed circuit boards and more. And all our remanufactured electric motors and transmissions come with certified test reports.

environmentally friendly

4. Better for the environment

TVH is strongly committed to sustainability and having a positive impact on the environment. We invest in low-emission vehicles, solar panels, and more. Our remanufacturing process is yet another way in which we contribute to a cleaner planet. 

By offering remanufactured parts, we keep them out of landfill and reduce the need to produce more parts and consume more raw materials. Following the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) concept, our remanufactured parts keep valuable resources in circulation, reduce waste and contribute to a circular economy


5. Partnerships with known brands

To help us bring you the best reconditioned parts, we’ve secured collaborations with some of the biggest brands in the industry, including Curtis, Sevcon, PG Drives Technology, SME, Schwarzmüller, Elektrosistem, Danfoss, Freudenberg, KYB, Rexroth, Carraro & M+S Hydraulic.


6. 3 ways to purchase remanufactured parts:

  • Buy remanufactured parts outright

Simply pay the purchase price and the remanufactured part is yours, complete with full warranty.
Examples: covers, stub axles and front axle housings

  • Buy remanufactured parts with trade-in of an old part

Save even more by trading in your old part/unit. When you purchase a remanufactured part and let us know you intend to trade in an existing part, a surcharge will appear on your invoice. To have this amount refunded, simply return your old part (subject to normal wear) to us.
Examples: printed circuit boards, valve assemblies, electric motors and reductors

  • Have your existing parts repaired

If no remanufactured replacements are available for the part you need, it might be possible to have your faulty or worn part repaired by our specialised technicians. If deemed repairable, your part will be restored to working condition and issued with the same warranty as all our remanufactured parts. To request a repair, go to the repair form and complete the form.

we buy your cores

7. Sell us your old parts!

Do you have old parts lying around? If they’re repairable, we’re interested in buying them. To get the ball rolling, fill out the ‘Core purchase’ form and email it to:

Ready to save money and contribute to a cleaner planet? Browse our range of remanufactured parts here. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us and our friendly team will help you out.



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