Engine parts for forklifts

Engine parts

Need to overhaul a forklift engine? Or are you looking for the right forklift engine parts? We know what a difference quality makes with engines. After all, you want to keep your forklifts operating at peak performance for as long as possible. This is why we offer an extensive range of quality parts for different types of engines. You’ll find:

  • pistons, cylinder sleeves and accessories;
  • valves and related parts;
  • naked & complete cylinder heads;
  • con rods;
  • camshafts;
  • crankshafts;
  • con rod bearings, crankshaft bearings, camshaft bearings and more;
  • seals and gaskets (from small O-rings to complete overhaul kits);
  • hardware (bolts, nuts, studs and more);
  • water and oil pumps;
  • timing parts such as V-belts, chains, chain tensioners, and more; 
  • ignition, injection and fuel filters;
  • plenty of other engine parts to meet your exact needs. 

Forklift engine parts for all major brands 

We offer forklift engine parts for the following brands:  

Briggs & Stratton - Caterpillar - Continental - Cummins - Deutz - Doosan - Fiat - Ford - FPT - GM - Hatz - Honda - Hyundai - IH - Isuzu - JCB - John Deere - Kia - Kohler - Komatsu - Kubota - Lombardini - MAN - Mazda - Mercedes - Mitsubishi - MWM - Nissan - Perkins - Peugeot - Renault - Scania - Shibaura - Sisu - Toyota - Volvo - VM Motori - VW - Waukesha - Xinchai - Yanmar

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TVH: the preferred supplier for forklift engine parts

TVH has been supplying forklift engine parts for a number of years. There are several reasons we are now a preferred supplier: 

  • Large stock of a wide range of engine parts—even hard-to-find and very old parts. From an engine block, crankshaft or cylinder head to a spark plug, nozzle or head gasket, we have it.
  • Our technically skilled employees are trained to understand the unique requirements of each brand and machine. We provide professional service for all your technical demands.
  • We offer customer support in 37 languages. Language barriers are kept to an absolute minimum.
  • We offer same-day shipment, next-day delivery to all our customers.
  • We are your global one-stop shop for parts and accessories for material-handling, industrial and agricultural equipment. As well as engine parts, we also offer you other machine parts such as filters, tyres, lights, seats and more
  • It’s easy to search for parts online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you’ll have what you need when you need it. Our online platform MyTotalSource gives you real-time pricing and availability. It makes sure your part is in stock when you order. This way, it will be delivered as soon as possible. 

Quality forklift engine parts approved by our strict quality control department

Our quality control department makes sure we only include quality engine parts in our range. They have strict standards: 

  1. Sourcing and rating suppliers: Our new and existing suppliers are constantly assessed on product quality, the packaging of the goods and their overall reliability.
  2. Sample testing: All samples received from our suppliers are subjected to in-depth testing by our quality control department.
  3. Checks and storage: Incoming parts are measured and tested, based on the information stored in the system in technical sheets, technical drawings, sample testing reports and spec sheets for the specific part. If a part is approved, it is given an internal code and label, individually packed and then stored in our warehouse where conditions such as humidity and temperature are constantly monitored.

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