Silent pallet trucks

silent pallet truck

By using this pallet truck, noise pollution will be reduced compared to a standard pallet truck. This device was specially designed to reduce the noise level while transporting your load. In working environments such as nursing homes, hospitals, libraries, supermarkets or places where deliveries are done at night, using a silent pallet truck is advisable.

The difference? Rubber load rollers and 3 fork wheels in soft polyurethane instead of 2 or 1! They guarantee a quieter handling with a maximum noise level of 60 dB. Furthermore, the sound insulation under the fork carriage and rubber blocks near the pivot points contribute to this highquality silenced version. Additionally, we offer:

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rubber load rollers for pallet trucks

Features of our silent pallet truck

  • Designed to transport pallets with a minimum noise level.
  • Thanks to the 3 soft poly fork wheels per fork, noise is reduced considerably while the truck remains easily manoeuvrable to load and unload during the night.
  • For transport on uneven tiled floors.
  • Provided with nose wheels for clean pallet entry and exit.

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