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A Lugli forklift contains many different parts and accessories, each vital for ensuring the machine operates correctly. Every part of the fork truck must function at its best, preferably for a reasonable price. That’s why TVH also offers a wide range of replacement parts, aftermarket parts and remanufactured parts that are equal to or better quality than OEM parts. 

In our online parts catalogue you’ll find a wide variety of replacement parts for sale, such as alternators, batteries, battery chargers, brakes, clamps, engines, engine oils, filters, fuel pumps, hydraulic parts, bearings, lights, masts, joysticks, oils, dashboards, propane parts, radiators, mirrors, seats, starters, tyres, transmission fluids, transmissions, switches, water pumps, wheel cylinders, wheels and many more spare parts suitable for Lugli forklifts.



In some cases you can benefit from a wider range of options when you buy alternative aftermarket Lugli forklift spare parts. Not only could the extensive range available at TVH give you greater convenience, but there's a big chance to find the aftermarket version of the Lugli forklift part you need in stock and ready to ship.


Aftermarket parts from respected brands like TotalSource®, Baldwin® and Meteorlite® are a reliable alternative to original spare parts. Our aftermarket parts offer equal or in some cases even better quality for a lower cost. Depending on which part you need, you could save hundreds of euro by choosing an alternative aftermarket brand.


We support a wide variety of Lugli forklift models with both aftermarket parts and accessories. Below, you’ll find a selection of the Lugli lift truck models we offer parts for:


  • 205E / 255E / 305E / 355E / 405E / 455E / 505E
  • 205EG / 255EG /305EG
  • 205.4 / 255.4 / 305.4
  • GIOTTO 15/18/20/23
  • GALLEO 25/30/32/35
  • ETR 15/18/20
  • ETRX 15/18/20/23
  • 20ELC / 25ELC / 20ELP / 25ELP
  • ELX25/30
  • C3 / L3
  • EHX35 / EHX40 / EHX45 / EHX50 / EHX 60
  • EHXR35/60
  • L40 / L40 II series
  • 205 / 255 / 305 / 355/ 405 /455
  • 50CE / 60CE / 70CE / 80CE / 90CE / 100CE
  • E / ET / ETX
  • ET15/18/20/23
  • 70C / 80 C / 90C /100C
  • POLO 10/12/15/18
  • TX18/22/26
  • E3
  • EL20/25/30

All common Lugli forklifts that run on gasoline, diesel or liquid propane gas (LPG) are listed. If you’re unable to find a particular model, please contact us.


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Thanks to the search functions MyPartsFinder and MyProductSearch, it’s easy to find the correct references or names of the parts you need, using the technical specifications of the part or via the equipment make and type. For every reference, you immediately see the price, lead time, availability, pictures and technical features. Place your order or make an enquiry in just a few clicks. Need a direct replacement? Use our mobile application to scan your existing part and you’ll be checking out in no time. New to TVH? Follow the three steps below to gain full access to our comprehensive range of parts and accessories suitable for Lugli forklifts.

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The History of Lugli Lift Trucks

  • 1937  -  Carpi, a small town in Modena, was founded by the company "Officine Meccaniche F.lli Lugli". Production was entirely devoted to agricultural mechanization: tractors and other machines.
  • 1946-1947 -  In the first postwar period, in full reconstruction, the production of a machine devoted to the internal movement of the kilns, which is very present in the pedemontana area, will start and will be the basis of the quality and robustness of the name "Lugli" . A peculiarity: a small "decauville" diesel-powered diesel locomotive was produced from the kiln furnaces that are still today sought after by the enthusiasts of "old fashion" mechanics.
  • 1960 : A truly historic date for the "Lugli": the first hydrostatic traction hub in Italy was born. Since then, production has been increasingly focusing on the shopping cart, becoming Lugli's core business in a short time.
  • 1974  -  Strong with the experience gained in the meantime, Lugli is involved in the construction of its first electric traction electric front forklift. Choice that will prove to be winning in the immediate future with the market increasingly geared towards internal handling.
  • 1976 - Another important moment of Lugli: the current plant is built, much wider than the previous buildings and strategically located near the entrance to the Brenner motorway.
  • 1990  - The company changes ownership: the company "Europa Investimenti" acquires 100% of the company Lugli.
  • 1997 - Lugli Forklifts reach an important goal: the ISO 9001 quality certification, which is added to the existing Aqap110 certification. Certification guarantees the correctness of the procedures used in the company at various stages: design, production and marketing of products without losing the flexibility and responsiveness of the company in the panorama of trolley manufacturers.
  • 2000 - Hannover: Cemat 2000 The Millennium Expo Event Lugli presents itself at this important event with a series of new proposals to witness its vitality.


Find all the parts compatible with Lugli forklifts in one place at MyTotalSource. It’s a convenient online catalogue that’s available wherever you are, whenever you need it.

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