V-Belts in Tip Top Shape

25 August 2023


The V-belt powers the water pump and therefore it keeps the water pump in motion. The main V-belt, also called a drive belt, connects to a pulley on the crankshaft of an engine. When the engine is up and running, the crankshaft turns, and as such, the pulley and the drive belt around it. In doing so, the V-belt drives the water pump and many other engine system components. This component is a crucial part of the engine and its cooling.

Keep your V-belts in tip-top shape with the following tips.

  • Maintain proper belt tension - Belts that are too loose slip and cause extra wear and tear. Belts that are too tight add extra stress to the bearings. That’s why it’s always important to select the correct V-belt and install it properly. Be aware: a lot of belts now come pre-tensioned to immediately fit the machine. This is handy, but make sure you check the tension within the first 24–48 hours and modify it if necessary.
  • Check the pulleys and bearings - After stopping the engine, check if the pulleys are hot. Improper lubrication, or a belt that’s too tight or loose, can cause hot pulleys. To solve this issue, add lubricant to the pulley or make adjustments to correct the tension.
  • Keep belts clean - Dirt and grease reduce the lifespan of a drive belt. Luckily, this problem is easily avoided by wiping the belt with a rag or dry cloth. If oil or grease is splattered on the belt, clean it with soap and water, making sure to wipe it completely dry afterward. All belts and belt pulleys should be properly aligned: This enables the drive belts to operate smoothly.
  • Replace pulleys and belts at the same time - If a brand-new belt is placed onto a worn pulley, it can reduce its lifespan by as much as 50%. As a general rule, when the pulley wall is visibly worn, a replacement is due.
  • Don’t mix old and new belts on the same drive - This can lead to a range of troubles, including non-uniform tensioning, a reduced lifespan for new belts, and reduced power transmission of the drive.

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