Workshop TVH Australia

Local engineering

TVH Australia has its own attachment engineering business for the manufacture and modification of forks and attachments.

With over 30 years of local experience in the manufacture, installation, service and repair of forklift attachments, we employ knowledgeable staff from the industry, equipped with the latest technology in machining and testing equipment.

Therefore we are able to provide quality manufactured products with efficient supply lead times and competitive pricing. 


TVH is the exclusive worldwide dealer of CAM attachments products. These high-Italian quality, reliable and ISO-certified attachments are strong, durable, easy to install and maintain. In need of a sideshifter, rotator, fork positioner or one of our many other attachments? TVH has you covered with its various CAM attachments product lines to fit any make or model.

Cam attachments

Find out more about our CAM attachments here.

Our capabilities

Manufacture and fabrication

  1. Forks (up to 44 tonnes capacity) 
    1. Pin-type
    2. Din-type
    3. Roller-type
    4. Long drop
    5. Inverted
  2. Slip-on attachments
    1. Jibs, fork extensions, work platforms, carpet booms
  3. Hydraulic attachments
    1. Fork positioners, sideshifters, integrated carriages
  4. Mast cuts
    1. 2 and 3 stages, all makes and models
  5. Repairs
    1. Carriages, sideshifters, masts
    2. Reconditioning of hydraulic attachments
  6. Modifications
    1. Carriage widening

Machining (CNC lathe, miller,...)

  1. Forks
    1. Full bottom taper, lumber taper, bolt-on, din-hooks, fork eyes
  2. Carriage bars
    1. ITA 1-2-3-4
  3. Load pins
    1. Most makes and models
  4. Mast pulleys
    1. Standard and special nylon hose pulleys