TVH in Australia


TVH Australia is part of TVH Parts Holding NV, a worldwide supplier with customers in over 170 countries. As a one-stop shop we offer quality parts and accessories for material handling, industrial vehicles and agricultural equipment.
The first TVH representatives started their activities in 2002 with the acquisition of Queensland Forklift Spares Pty Ltd (QFS).


The headquarters and main warehouse of TVH Australia are situated in close proximity to the major motorway network of Brisbane. Our products are stocked in a 12-metre high facility of 2,952 m². Recently another 1,920 m²  was added to the warehouse. This expansion allows us to bring on another 1,481 bulk racking locations and free space for larger items. We use a sophisticated stock programme to ensure both picking efficiency and speed of order shipping.   
Our dedicated sales personnel have the ability to process orders via telephone, fax and e-mail and face to face at our sales counter, along with our technical staff, able to assist with parts identification.  All designed to provide a speedy and efficient service to our valued customers.

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