21 October 2022

Last Tuesday, parts specialist TVH obtained the label 'Sportbedrijf' (Sports Company), issued by Sport Vlaanderen. This recognises the company for its investment in employee health, with a focus on exercise. For example, TVH offers sports infrastructure, health scans and group classes as part of a wider health policy.

TVH sportbedrijf - Nudge Stars

With its comprehensive health policy, TVH meets the necessary criteria. The different exercise initiatives in the company include: free group classes (e.g. yoga and boot camp), sports infrastructure (e.g. own Finnish track and basketball court), sporting challenges (e.g. walking challenges), a dynamic workstation with ergonomic sitting alternatives, health scans and bike leasing.

Peter Geiregat (Chief People Officer at TVH): "Most of the initiatives frame within our internal health policy called 'Nudge', with which we stimulate colleagues to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Not only in terms of exercise, by the way, but also in terms of healthy food and mental well-being, for example. The general idea is that healthy employees are also happier, more positive and more invested in their job."


In 2021, TVH added a unique trajectory to its offer. 20 colleagues were presented the opportunity to enter a life-changing programme: these Nudge Stars received six months of professional coaching in preparation for a quarter triathlon.

Niki Mistiaen (Employee Happiness Advisor at TVH): "We went all out: flying in colleagues from abroad, personal coaching, TVH-branded sports outfits, you name it. In May, the program was successfully completed, with another generation of Nudge Stars starting already in December. And next year, TVH colleagues will have the opportunity to apply for a third edition. Part of the plan is to use this to nudge and inspire other colleagues to exercise more as well. All colleagues could follow the story of the Nudge Stars, and that created a unique vibe throughout the company, with enthusiastic supporters at the triathlon event itself."


TVH remains ambitious and intends to take the next hurdle too: the award 'Sportbedrijf van het jaar' (Sports company of the year). This is reserved for the most creative, innovative companies that contribute to fitter and healthier employees. "An extra opportunity to distinguish ourselves as an employer", is the word.

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