Irfan Semiz: Researcher

From prepacker to brand researcher: that is the path that Irfan Semiz (32) has taken at TVH. His knowledge of languages is one of Irfan's strengths, who arrived among Flemish colleagues as a Frenchman.

“I already knew Dutch, but West Flemish is something completely different; in the meantime I'm used to it. I started as a prepacker and a while ago I spotted an internal vacancy for a researcher. There is another Frenchman working in the research department, someone I occasionally have lunch with at noon in the company restaurant. He explained the function a bit more to me. Given my bachelor degree in electronics and my many years of experience with spare parts, I was elected for the job. I am very happy with my decision.”

“I want to grow in my job and I am very inquisitive. And here you can always learn new things.”

“So now I am a researcher for the brands Jungheinrich, Yale, Steinbock, Still … Based on truck details, pictures or other details received from the customer, I can identify and pass on the correct reference to our customers worldwide, so that they definitely order the correct part. Should there still be any doubt, then I can also contact the specialists per product type. I want to grow in my job and am very inquisitive and at TVH you can always take trainings and continue to learn.”

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