Martijn Claerhout: Electronic engineer

TVH was no stranger to Martijn Claerhout (22). Both during his secondary education and his college education he received a guided tour through the company. Furthermore he already heard a lot of inside information about his new employer from his father, who also works at TVH.

Martijn already applied for a job during his internship. “They had a vacancy that was cut our for me. After I graduated as a bachelor electronics, I was able to start straight away. I repair controllers in the team 'Japan', so for the Japanese brands. At the beginning I dealt with simple controllers. But gradually I came across a more difficult case, one that requires a bit more examining. And this way, you learn quickly. Of some printed circuit boards we already have schematics, as a result of which you can find the fault faster. If no schematic exists yet, then I have to create one. We can test printed circuit boards here via special test configurations. Sometimes it is necessary to install the controller in a machine before you can test it. That is why I was also allowed to take a lift truck driver training here.” 

“If there are no urgent matters, I can choose autonomously what I continue to work on.”

“What I really consider to be a big advantage, are the flexible working hours. And the work is very varied. If there are no urgent backorders, I can autonomously choose what I continue to work on. Via TVH you can also take free trainings at Syntra, which contribute to the personal development. And there are a couple of courses that I'm really interested in.”

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