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Printed circuit boards

All printed circuit boards are repaired in a professional manner. TVH has an extensive range of tools to do so, including rework stations, hot air soldering stations, de-soldering stations, hot-plates, reflow oven, ultrasonic cleaner …

After they have been repaired, the printed circuit boards are tested in the machine, on a simulator or on an automated tester. This tester checks the complete functionality of the PCB and then prints a test report. When all tests have been performed, the printed circuit boards are covered with a conformal coating to protect them against moisture and dirt.

Electronic speed controllers

Even our power controllers are subjected to a functionality test similar to the test performed on our printed circuit boards. Since we are still not completely sure of the functioning under full load after performing the functionality test, each speed controller is also subjected to a performance test. If the controller passes both tests, then we are as good as certain of the functioning of the part. For parts with intermittent errors we can perform endurance tests up to several days.


We stock a wide range of exchange displays and battery indicators. Damaged housings and front foils are replaced if necessary, so that the part looks as good as new. After being repaired, the displays are tested on our universal functionality tester.

Joysticks, accelerators and directional switches

Whether it be analogue, digital or CAN-bus joysticks, directional switches or pedals, we repair all input devices and then test them on our functionality tester. Not only the faulty parts, but also all wear parts are replaced.


All types of chargers – including high-frequency chargers – are repaired at our facility and then tested on a special power test bench. Regardless of the voltage or current, the tester is capable of simulating any type of battery. The in-house developed software allows us to print the charging curve.


After a thorough cleaning, our contactors are equipped with a new contact set and coil if necessary. All important parameters such as pull-in voltage and pick-up time are checked afterwards.

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