Boost Your Business With Our Marketing Classes!

24 May 2019
Boost Your Business With Our Marketing Classes!

TVHU Online currently offers 16 online classes, all written and designed by professionals who have been in the industry for years. These courses come with resources and tools that will help you grow your business to its highest potential! 

With the digital world expanding more than ever, it’s important to stay up-to-date with trends and know how to adapt to them; what better way to do that than with our online marketing classes: 

  • Website Creation: This course is for marketing employees that work towards increasing your business’s presence in the digital world. Website Creation covers how to create an attention-grabbing website by showing what visual images and content to feature as well as how to promote it. Having a quality website can make or break the credibility of your company, so, needless to say, putting time and thought into one is essential to help gain new customers and keep existing ones. 


  • Email Marketing: Want to build stronger relationships with current and potential customers? Email is the way to go! Email Marketing will teach you how to communicate efficiently to not only make a sale but to build long-lasting relationships with customers. Enroll in this class and learn how you can implement email marketing into your business and how it benefits your sales and profits. 


  • Social Media 101:  In a world where everything goes viral, how do you make your business stand out? We’ll tell you how: by having a one-on-one interaction with your customer base. Social media isn’t just for catching the latest fashion trends. If done right, social media can help you grow followers, sales and profit for your business. This course will help you strengthen the relationship with your customers through social media engagement. 

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