TVH’s Award Winning Health and Wellness Culture

05 March 2021
TVH’s Award Winning Health and Wellness Culture

In the face of the pandemic, TVH has strived to keep its culture of employee wellbeing through the TVH Nudge classes and challenges put on by Health and Wellness Coach Lucy DelSarto. As a result, TVH was recently named one of Healthy KC’s Workplace Wellness Platinum Certified Companies by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. This is the fourth year in a row that TVH has been awarded the Platinum Level.

The goal of Healthy KC is to establish a culture of wellbeing in the Greater Kansas City area. The KC Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of KC, rates local businesses on their health and wellness culture based on the program’s five pillars. Healthy KC’s pillars are healthy eating, active living, tobacco cessation, work-life integration, and design-built environment.

Coach Lucy attributes TVH’s success with maintaining the Platinum Level to the employees. “The commitment to the Nudge classes and challenges by our employees is above and beyond what most companies see,” says Coach Lucy. “I have witnessed many coworkers choosing to improve their health and wellness during the pandemic, with great and inspiring success.” Coach Lucy knows that inspiration, encouragement, and leadership come in many forms. Which is why she brings in speakers and activities that cover a wide range of topics. She stands behind the Nudge slogan, DCM = Daily Choices Matter, by helping employees at TVH find the resources they need to live their best possible life. 

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