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TVH's co-founder Rita Vanpoucke deceased

On Tuesday 16 January, Rita Vanpoucke passed away. Rita was the wife of Paul Thermote, founder of the Waregem company TVH. She stood at the cradle of the international company. The dismay at the unexpected passing is high, both amongst the family, the management as well as the colleagues.

Training courses: calendar January-May 2018

As from September 2016, TVH Parts NV partners with F-TEC to provide technical and technical-commercial training courses in the UK.

At TVH, we dare to think outside the box

Most of you are very familiar with our current TVH-branded shipping boxes. However, we decided to let go of the past and invest in the future! Your future, as well as ours…

How to manage, follow up and launch my backorders in MyTotalSource?

Please find below some help on how to manage, follow up and launch your backorders in MyTotalSource.