TVH Parts Holding NV is a fast-growing business with diversifying activities and a global spread. The world we live in is evolving at a rapid pace. One has to be critical about performance in the past and continuously reinvent the way business is done in the future.

Therefore IT@TVH swears by the tagline Bi²T or Business Innovation through IT. In the past many were referring to business IT alignment as the ultimate target. At TVH we are convinced that we need to aim for business and IT fusion.

Bi²T stands for a model in which IT and business join forces. By merging the technical skills and the business knowledge, an environment is created which boosts innovation.

Mobile development

Today’s world is about mobility and TVH customers are no exception. Since launching the first app, adoption has gone viral. TVH invests in more apps for its mobile customer, taking advantage of the specific functionalities of mobile devices such as barcode scanning and geolocation.


WMS - Warehouse management system

TVH operates as a Just-In-Time (JIT) supplier to its customers with deliveries worldwide on the next business day. To accomplish this, the in-house developed WMS facilitates the delivery of 7000 orders a day or 28000 picking lines. While the initial setup of the warehouse system was scaled for 3000 orders a day, we have today increased the performance by 133% by investing heavily in automation and improving the operational efficiency.


We run a fully virtualised environment, clustered over two datacentres and one back-up location, all on our own premises. This fully redundant infrastructure allows us to reliably run 258 virtual machines on our FlexPod environment, with maximum uptime.

At a speed of 612 000 000 000 clock cycles per second, all of this is stored in our 3,25 TB temporary memory.

The platform even allows us to run machines in the cloud. As we speak, we are preparing for a hybrid model with both on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure.


In 2010 we started developing our own framework based on Quarix and Wicket (Progress meets Java) in collaboration with a partner. This framework was used to build the current TVH e-commerce platform MyTotalSource.

In addition to offer and order information, extensive search functionalities are also included for more than 30 000 000 items.

We even won an award for MyTotalSource as it is seen as truly innovative.

Internet of Things (IoT)

TVH operates 15 000 rental forklift trucks and aerial platforms worldwide. It also services a high volume of third party equipment. In the past it was a constant challenge to keep an overview of where this equipment was situated and in what shape it was. IoT provides the exact position and status information of each individual machine at all times. IoT will move customer service from reactive towards predictive maintenance, resulting in less downtime.

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