Announcing the winners of our big MyTotalSource draw

29 August 2018

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our MyTotalSource draw and making this contest a big success. And a special congratulations to all the winners. They were randomly selected by using a online picking system. You can find them all listed below. Stay tuned for our next competition in early 2019.


The winners list


Our MDC Voyager Camper Trailer Winner

Mr Andy Curry of Forklift Technical Services (NSW)


Week 1 

Mr Jarrod Mackin of L & P Mackin Forklifts in Shepparton (VIC)

jarrod mackin

Week 2

Liftek Griffith in Griffith (NSW)

Week 3

Mr Brendon Goodwin of NTP Forklifts Australia (WA)

Week 4

Mr Steven Wooley of FRM Materials Handling Invermay (TAS)

FRM Materials Handling


Week 5

Mr Jack Sampson of S.A. Lift & Loader (SA)

jack sampson

Week 6

Mr Graham Ross of United Forklifts and Access Solutions

Mr Graham Ross

Week 7 

Mr David Gilliam of National Sweepers (VIC)

National Sweepers

Week 8

Mr Matt Cook of M.L.A. Forklift Holdings (SA)

M.L.A. Forklift Holdings

Week 9

Frank’s Service Centre Forklifts (NSW)

Week 10

West Coast Forklifts (WA)

Week 11

Norlift Industrial Equipment (QLD)

Norlift Industrial Equipment (QLD)


Week 12 

Mr Craig Hulmes of Liftrite Hire & Sales (WA)

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