Skip the line grill online winners

02 April 2024


We want to thank all those customers who participated in our Skip the Line Grill Online campaign during March 2024. 

We hope that our eshop proved a useful tool in ordering with TVH and that you will continue to use it.

Below are all the winners.

Main Prize winners: 


  • Norlift

New Zealand

  • Forklift Sales & Service LTD

Week 4 Australia

  • Flexihire PTY LTD
  • Warner Fork Trucks
  • Independent Storage Systems PTY LTD
  • Fork Force Australia PTY LTD - Sydney
  • Allied Forklifts PTY LTD

Week 4 New Zealand

  • Gore Tractor Services LTD
  • NFL Forklifts Limited

Week 3 Australia

  • Fork Force PTY LTD - Brisbane
  • J.M Forklifts
  • AWD Group WA
  • Fred's Forklifts
  • Michael Ryley Full Mobile Mechanics

Week 3 New Zealand

  • Forklift Hire Services Limited Blenheim
  • Auckland Forktruck Hire

Week 2 Australia

  • Forklifts Direct
  • Franks Service Centre Forklifts
  • United F/L & Access Solutions-Welshpool
  • Heavy Lift Forklifts
  • Downs Forklifts Service

Week 2 New Zealand

  • C3 Limited
  • Fifeshire Forklifts 2016 LTD

Week 1 Australia

  • Queensland Forklifts
  • Adaptalift Group PTY LTD WA
  • Assist-A Lift
  • Forkbiz Australasia PTY LTD
  • Uprite Forklifts

Week 1 New Zealand

  • North Island Forklifts LTD
  • NFL Forklifts Limited SI

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Thank you to everyone who participated in either campaign and keep an eye out for more fantastic prizes in the future!


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