Send us back your planned returns before the 20th of March

Dear customer,

In my mail to you dated 20th Feb, I promised you further updates on our Brexit plans as soon as they were available. 

As it is still unclear if the UK will leave the European Union on the 29th March, and if this will be under a "deal" or "no deal" scenario, I have one important request to make to you.

Please send back without delay or at the latest by 20th March any parts you intend to return, including core units for service exchange purchases and repairs. Please make sure to include the returns notes or repair forms to avoid any delays in the processing.

Consult our current Special Terms and Conditions Service & Repair

Should you need help, please ask your internal sales agent who will be happy to arrange collection from your premises. If there is a Brexit "no deal" by the 29th March, these returns of items ordered before the 29th March, will attract WTO export/import tariffs that could lower the value of any credit received.

Of course, there are still more issues to be resolved, depending on what a final Brexit "deal/no deal" looks like, but I can confirm that we have all possible contingencies planned for and will be swift to react when any discussions on Brexit are complete.

I will continue to keep you informed on this very important subject,

Yours sincerely,


Stephen Smallbone
General Manager Sales UK - Ireland

T +44 2476 585 000

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