Staying Healthy and Warm During Winter Weather

08 January 2021
Staying Healthy and Warm During Winter Weather

During a year where employee health is the number one priority, ensure your team stays healthy and warm by protecting their work environment.

One of the simplest ways to stay healthy in cold temperatures is to stay dry. A windshield will keep your team from feeling the blowing wind. With 16 gauge clear vinyl and heavy-duty webbing, the windshield offered by TVH is easy to install and fits all forklifts and most heavy equipment. Another option is TVH’s selection of Sta-Dry Universal All-Weather Cab Enclosures that fit any lift truck brand and are easily installed. These enclosures feature zippered doors on each side, which allow for easy entry and exit from the forklift. These covers are made from high-quality 16-gauge clear vinyl, provide maximum visibility, and keep drivers out of the wind, rain, and snow.

TVH also offers the forklift rain cap, perfect for keeping your drivers comfortable and dry from rain or snow. With a variety of sizes, the rain cap is easy to install on any lift truck. Sitting atop the roof of your forklift, the clear top does not disrupt or hinder visibility. The rain cap’s channels and gutters eliminate cascading water and help to prevent dripping on the driver.

With your team protected from the snow and rain, the next step in keeping them healthy is to keep them warm. Combining the windshield, cab enclosure, or rain cap with one of our quality forklift heaters is sure to do the trick. The forklift heaters from TVH are made of heavy-duty aluminum for long-lasting durability. The units are available in a variety of mounting options, including dash mounting, rear mounting, or top, bottom, and side mounting. With two- or three-speed motors and an output range of 12,500 or 33,000 BTUs per hour, TVH has the heater that will best suit your needs.

Now that your team is dry and warm, you’re sure to have a healthy and productive winter. To learn more about these products and more by contacting your sales representative today!

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