TVH Nudge Has Gone Virtual

08 January 2021
TVH Nudge Has Gone Virtual

Stay strong and Nudge on! TVH’s award-winning Nudge program has always provided our employees with educational classes to help everyone live a healthy lifestyle. This way of life was not going to change, even for a pandemic. With employees working on-site and remotely, Lucy Delsarto, Health and Wellness Coach, knew there was only one thing to do. If employees couldn’t come to her classes, she would bring the classes to them by going virtual! This year we have learned about the neuroscience of nutrition, how our posture improves our health, and the benefits of strengthening our knees.

“Being a global company with various time zones, it's challenging to find the best time to offer classes. The COVID-19 challenge simply offered an opportunity to try something different,” said Coach Lucy. The Nudge program's goal is to empower employees, and by going virtual, we have seen an increase in the number of people joining the classes. Instead of a live presentation, meetings and classes are held virtually, and Nudge Speakers are videotaped beforehand for a scheduled viewing. Everyone is grateful for the opportunity the virtual classes have presented. In the past, some employees were unable to participate in live presentations due to scheduling conflicts. The new virtual classes allow them to participate when it works best for them.  

No matter how our world continues to change, the Nudge program will always be there for employees to support and encourage a healthy lifestyle. With speakers already lined up, Coach Lucy is excited to see what 2021 brings. “Daily choices matter. Whether we stay virtual or go back to in-person classes, we will keep choosing to live our healthiest life,” said Coach Lucy.

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