New TVH Parts South Africa branch fully operational

11 September 2019

TVH, a global player in the material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment industry, has officially relocated its Durban branch (South Africa) to a new building. The company acquired the building in December 2018 mostly to meet the need for extra space, yet the location offers several other advantages.

Durban TVH office Durban TVH offices

With its approximately 1,550 m2, the new TVH building in Durban, South Africa, offers all the extra space needed for increased storage, a bigger showroom, a brand-new sales counter and more parking space. The extra capacity also allows for larger office space, a bigger lunch area and meeting rooms.


Optimised customer service

These benefits will help TVH Parts South Africa further optimise its customer service. The increased storage space, for example, will enable the company to stock additional product ranges in Durban, ship them directly to the local port and thus offer customers shorter lead times. The bigger showroom and sales counter, then, should add to TVH’s personalised customer service and will display a more extensive range of available products.

Strategic advantages

Furthermore, the Durban branch will be able to consolidate shipments because of its strategic location. These shipments will be split at the new warehouse and then sent to the TVH branches in Richards Bay and Johannesburg.

Because the new Durban building is owned by TVH, not rented, it allows for all types of TVH branding. Recently, the final changes in interior design and branding have been completed. Visiting customers have already responded positively to the innovations and complimented TVH on the good accessibility of the building. 



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