12 December 2022

Nudge Stars Frederik Van Lierde

Parts specialist TVH, which recently received the label 'Sportbedrijf' (Sports company), is further strengthening its ambitions to become 'Sportbedrijf van het jaar' (Sports company of the year).  For the second year in a row, the company selected 20 employees who will spend the next 6 months training for a quarter triathlon. In doing so, they will be professionally coached by Energy Lab from Ghent. None other than triathlete and Ironman winner Frederik Van Lierde stopped by at TVH to give them tips on how to prepare properly.

At the beginning of December, the twenty selected employees started their six-month Life Changing Journey, as the programme is called at TVH. It is part of the company's 'Nudge' health policy, through which it encourages its employees to make healthier choices. TVH does so throughout the year by setting up initiatives around mental well-being, sports and healthy nutrition. 


Isabelle Van de Voorde (Internal Communication & Employee Experience Manager at TVH): "12 Belgian and 8 colleagues from abroad were selected from 125 candidates. Now, they will receive personal coaching, training schedules, nutritional advice, a TVH sports outfit ... As ambassadors of our Nudge programme, they will motivate and inspire other colleagues to also exercise more. Everyone can follow the Nudge Stars via the Instagram channel 'TVH Nudge Stars'. We also regularly place them in the spotlight within the company, which creates a unique vibe throughout the company".

Triathlete Frederik Van Lierde was brought in as well. "Frederik has achieved phenomenal feats during his career and is the ideal person to motivate our colleagues and give them tips", says Isabelle. "All employees worldwide were able to follow his keynote session live or online." 

According to Frederik, exercise in the workplace is very important: "It is great that TVH encourages its employees to be more active. Exercise connects people, it's a way of life. The most important tip I can give the Nudge Stars is to have fun with sports, and to plan well. Structure is important to make progress.


This is one of the initiatives that supports TVH's ambition of winning the award 'Sportbedrijf van het jaar' (Sports company of the year). This is granted to the most creative, innovative companies that contribute to fitter and healthier employees. "That award is an extra opportunity to stand out as an employer", they add

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