Industrial floor scrubber batteries


Are you in need of qualitative industrial floor scrubbers batteries? Whether you manage a few industrial floor scrubbers or an entire fleet of industrial floor scrubbers, our aftermarket batteries allow you to keep costs low and keep your industrial floor scrubbers operating at peak productivity. A truly outstanding battery is ready for action, day in and day out. At TVH, we know you need to be able to count on your industrial floor scrubbers batteries at all times.

Our commitment to first-class service and our in-depth knowledge makes us the reliable supplier you need for industrial floor scrubbers batteries. We offer:

  • Over 50 years of technical expertise in material handling equipment
  • Support for most if not all industrial floor scrubber models.
  • 95% same-day shipment, next-day delivery to all our customers.
  • Customer support in 57 languages.

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Discover our range of industrial floor scrubber batteries

We offer an extensive range of industrial floor scrubbers batteries. From starter battery to traction battery. If we don't have the industrial floor scrubbers battery you need in stock, we will guide you to a compatible alternative, for both thermal and electrical machines.

TVH offers a wide range of industrial floor scrubber battery brands, allowing customers to choose the batteries they prefer. Many customers opt for a brand they already trust, often because it was originally built into their machine, or because they are satisfied with the performance of previous batteries from that brand. There are also customers who don't have a preferred brand. Don't worry if that's you, we are more than happy to guide you to the right industrial floor scrubbers battery for your application.

Starter batteries

Starter batteries

Starter batteries are used to start vehicles like cars, trucks and tractors, along with industrial machines such as industrial floor scrubbers. Starter batteries have more starting power than other batteries. Therefore, they're only used occasionally to deliver a very large amount of power. Looking for a new starter battery? Always check the voltage (V), current (Ah) and dimensions of your current battery to find the perfect match for your industrial floor scrubber! You can also contact our experts to assist you in your search.

TVH partners with Crown Battery, Odyssey, Optima, Trojan, Varta and Xtreme Exellent and to give you the best quality starter batteries for your industrial floor scrubber.

Cyclic batteries

Cyclic batteries

Cyclic batteries can withstand many deep discharges. This makes these batteries perfect for mobile elevating work platforms, industrial cleaning machines, forklifts, golf carts and other electric powered vehicles... Within this battery category, we distinguish open lead-acid and maintenance-free batteries. There are seven types of cyclic batteries: AGM, semi-traction, GEL, pure lead, lead carbon, monobloc traction and deep-cycle batteries.

Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries

Lithium technology has gone through significant developments in the last five years. As a result, the demand for replacing conventional lead-acid batteries with high-performing Li-ion technology has rapidly increased. 

Unlike lead-acid batteries, boosting charges do not have a negative effect on the service life of lithium-ion batteries. Combined with faster charging and a greater depth of discharge, this means that industrial-vehicle operators are no longer limited by restrictive charging regulations or the need to swap batteries. Lithium-ion batteries also require less maintenance than lead-acid batteries. They’re the batteries of the future!

Traction batteries

Traction batteries

A traction battery is an energy source that powers many industrial electric vehicles, such as forklifts, reach stackers and pallet trucks. A traction battery has a much higher capacity than a starter battery and can provide energy for longer periods of time. A traction battery consists of several 2 V cells; the more cells connected in a series, the more power the battery will provide.

The benefits of TVH as a distributor of your industrial floor scrubber batteries

At TVH, you'll find a wide range of batteries for every machine: from the smallest skid steer loader to the heaviest forklift..... Our batteries are suitable for all major industrial floor scrubber brands, including:


We work with the best brands in the business to bring you an extensive range of industrial floor scrubber starter batteries: Varta, Xtreme Exellent, Optima, Odyssey and industrial floor scrubber cyclic batteries: Crown Battery and Trojan.

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to batteries, the offer is immense. You might wonder: ‘What information do I need exactly to find the right battery?’ Whether you’re in need of a starter battery, semi-traction battery, traction battery or separate traction cells, TVH gots the right battery for you. We made a handy tool to help you on your way, when requesting a battery from TVH.

Buy your industrial floor scrubber batteries in three easy steps

When your industrial floor scrubber breaks down, the last thing you need are complicated processes and delayed shipments. That’s why we’ve made getting new batteries from TVH easier than ever for you.

Your TVH account lets you explore over 47 million parts and consumables. You’ll also be able to:

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  • Find the correct references or names of the parts you need with the search functions MyPartsFinder and MyProductSearch, using the technical specifications of the part or via the equipment make and type.
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Over 50 years of experience

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95% ship the same day

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