Parts and accessories to keep your Viper floor scrubbers going

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Are you in need of low-cost parts and accessories suitable for Viper floor scrubbers? Whether you manage a few floor scrubbers or an entire fleet of floor scrubbers, our aftermarket parts allow you to keep costs low and keep your Viper floor scrubbers operating at peak productivity.

We are constantly adding new floor scrubber parts to our product lineup. Filters, tyres, batteries, engine components... You name it, we have it! Our aftermarket parts keep your Viper floor scrubber up and running. We offer:

  • Support for most if not all Viper floor scrubber models.
  • 95% same-day shipment, next-day delivery to all our customers.
  • Customer support in 42 languages.
  • A dedicated technical support team that will provide you with the best possible service imaginable.
  • A database of over 44 000 000 item numbers, of which more than 930 000 different references are in stock.
  • 87 600 part repairs per year, of which 80 000 electronic part repairs.

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Why you should choose TVH as your floor scrubber parts supplier

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TVH Parts is your one-stop-shop for material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment. Buying parts for Viper floor scrubbers at TVH guarantees you premium service and fast delivery, within 24-48 hours.

In our online parts catalogue, you will find a wide variety of replacement parts suitable for Viper floor scrubbers, including:

Cabin parts (i.e. seats, joysticks, mirrors, ...), electrical parts (i.e. batteries, starters, alternators, ...), engines and engine parts (belts, bearings, pistons, flywheels, crankshafts, ...), cooling (i.e. radiators, water pumps, ...), transmission parts, lights, filters, hydraulic parts (i.e. hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, accumulators, hydraulic cylinders, ...).

Each month, 24 500 new part numbers are added. You will never have to search for 'Viper floor scrubber parts near me' ever again. In addition, we can provide you with the parts list or diagram for your machine, so you have all the info you need at your fingertips.


Have you considered buying a remanufactured part for your Viper floor scrubbers, instead of a brand-new one? It is the perfect alternative, because you get a top-quality part at a lower price, with the same warranty

Our unique range of remanufactured parts includes internal combustion engines, joysticks, battery chargers, accelerators, electric motors, radiators, gearboxes, attachments and more. Our in-house qualified technicians repair and test all remanufactured parts very precisely and according to strict quality standards. Drawing on decades of experience and in-depth expertise, we have developed innovative testing procedures that enable us to test remanufactured parts in simulated working conditions. 

Discover our full range of remanufactured parts for Viper floor scrubbers.

In need of electronic parts repairs for your Viper floor scrubbers?

electronics part repair

Our electronics department in Belgium is Europe’s largest, best equipped and most diverse service centre (surface of 3500 m²) for the repair of electronic parts for forklifts, aerial work platforms and other industrial vehicles. There, our engineers work in an ESD-safe zone or EPA (electrostatic protected area). Each of our engineers is specialized in a specific brand so that we can guarantee optimal quality, as a result of optimal knowledge. Each engineer is supported for this by our Research & Development team, that provides the perfect test systems. As a result of this thorough way of working, we are:

  • A Curtis distributor and the Curtis Authorized Repair Centre for Europe.
  • A Sevcon distributor and an Authorized Repair Centre.
  • A worldwide distributor of PG Drives Technology.
  • The global aftermarket partner for the sale of new parts and the authorised repair and remanufacturing centre for SME.

Learn more about the electronics department.

Frequently asked questions

GEM One is a telematics fleet management solution that gives you the data and insights you need to operate your fleet safely and efficiently. You make your fleet more productive, and make more money. Learn more about fleet management for floor scrubbers.

Buy your floor scrubber parts in three easy steps

In our online shop, MyTotalSource, you will find a wide range of parts and accessories suitable for Viper floor scrubbers. Additionally, we also sell spare parts suitable for many other floor scrubber makes:

Alto, Clarke, Comac, Dulevo, Factory Cat, Fimap, Fiorentini, Gansow, Hako, Kärcher, Minuteman, Nilfisk-Advance, Nobles, Powerboss, RCM, Taski, Tennant, Windsor

Once you have access to MyTotalSource, you will be able to:

  • Order your industrial floor scrubber parts & accessories directly from TVH through your own software
  • Save research time and reduce search errors by registering your floor scrubbers in MyTotalSource. You can personalise your equipment by adding your own reference, images, documents and notes.
  • Find the correct references or names of the parts you need with the search functions MyPartsFinder and MyProductSearch, using the technical specifications of the part or via the equipment make and type.
  • Immediately see the price, lead time, availability, pictures and technical features for every reference.

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Global support team
Global support team

With 62 different nationalities and 57 spoken languages in the company, we can offer customer support in your own language.

Over 50 years of experience
Over 50 years of experience

We've grown from 2 founders to a company of more than 5000 employees, with offices and distribution facilities on every continent.

44 000 000 known references
47 000 000 known references

The most extensive range of parts for material handling, industrial, construction and agricultural equipment. We continuously grow our offer, with more parts and accessories arriving every day.

95% of orders shipped the same day
95% ship the same day

We collaborate with local shipping companies to deliver every order within the promised timeframe. To ensure a fast delivery, we ship 95% of orders on the same day of ordering.